Badminton Betting Tips

Closely related to the children’s game battledore and shuttlecock, badminton’s origin was traced back in Greece, India and China. Historically, the first unofficial badminton championships was held in England back in 1899 with only male participants but was arranged with females a year after. Although not hugely a popular world’s leisure sports, badminton offers plenty of betting opportunities.

Betting on badminton would either depend on two things – luck or knowledge. Of course you’re always unsure with luck so let’s get straight to the basic analysis you’ll need in order to make profit out of badminton betting. Being a novice wager, straight up bets are the most common in badminton matches and even in huge tournaments like Super Series and World Championship. To increase the potential of wining, you have to consider several factors as listed below:

Direct matches stats

Rather than scanning the ranking table, it’s always advised that you should check the direct matches. Ranking is based from players’ popularity but the statistic will be to one that gives you the advantage. Not every badminton player can beat anyone as many folks expected. There’s always an opponent that’s hard to beat even a player with the highest defeat records.

Player’s Condition

For years, it’s been observed that some players did not actually continued playing at the end of the sets. Some of them concede during the opponent’s breakaway. More often, the odds automatically change at the end of every set which brings in good opportunity to bet on live badminton matches. In this case, it’s highly important to check the player’s condition whether he’s on the 100% fit or not.

Other factors to consider

Odds basically serve as the multiplier of your potential winnings. Let the bookmakers set the final odds before placing bet as they may change from time to time. Normally, badminton is being played indoors because of the air stream factor that could affect the direction of where the shuttlecock falls. Therefore it is important to assure in advance which direction the air blows.

So there you are. Some badminton betting tips as your kick start. Do you find this article useful? Place a real money bet now and see how your analysis works. Here at Nextbet, you can find straight up bets for Badminton which can give you greater opportunities to earn profit. Signup now and take advantage of our first deposit bonus!