Baseball Betting Tips


A bat-and-ball game, runs, diamond field and tabular standings – those are just a few stuff that describes baseball sport. Being known as America’s pastime, baseball gains popularity and has millions of constantly growing fans over the years and been passed through spanning generations. From leisure of pursuit, it has provided sort of dynamic entertainment around the world. As time passes, baseball becomes a part of the betting sphere.

According to pro bettors, baseball betting is the easiest amongst sports in terms of profit. However, based on statistics, it’s one of the least wagered sports around. Why is that so? Well, the most common assumption is the fact that most people have no idea how to wager in this kind of sport. If you are one of those folks, take a look at the basics below:

Moneyline and Runline bets

Money line is as easy as picking apples inside the basket. If you wish to bet, you should pick the outright winner but what matters here are the odds attached to each team which serve as the multiplier of your winnings. The favorite teams to win have lesser odds compared to the underdogs.

On the other hand, run line bet implies when you combine a baseball point spread with the money line. This is a very unique approach yet can be profitable to bettors who are keen to trends, analysis, stats and pitching performances. Run line is always set to 1.5 however some bookmakers have other options like 2.5 or even 3.5.

  • White Sox +1.5(-150)
  • Min Twins -1.5 (+120)

In the example above, you’ll observe that Twins has the (-) sign. That means they are favored in the game. Meaning, they have to achieve 1.5 runs (2 runs or more) for you to win the bet with the odds of +120. On the other hand, White Sox is the underdog with the sign +1.5. That means they have to achieve at least 1 run or lose by single run to win the bet and as you can see the odds is -150.

One thing many bettors don’t see is the disadvantage of betting in the home team. Of course, the home team is always favored. That means, they have to score 2 runs or more in order for you to win the bet. In most cases, the 9th inning is not being played when the home team is already winning. Therefore, the game will end up to a one-less at bat for the home team to fail in scoring extra runs.

Learning the basic is the best way to enter a game you haven’t played before. However, what makes you a better wager is to keep on trying and staying away from laying down the 1.5 runs for the home team. At the end of the day, it’s all about spotting possible opportunities to bet on.

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